The Bone Flute

In Iron Age Orkney, two races stand on the brink of war. The finfolk have summoned an Awazan, a creature of nightmare, and the Orkadi are powerless to stop it.

Talorc, whose family were slain by the demon, and Runa, Princess of the Orkadi, set out to destroy the Azawan. The secrets they uncover will change their world forever - if they stay alive long enough to share them.

The Bone Flute is a thrilling fantasy adventure for 12-14 year olds and is perfect for fans of Michelle Paver, Philip Pullman and Robin Hobb.

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Advance Praise for The Bone Flute:

‘A tremendous read… no end of dramas, surprises & reversals of fortune… a rattling good plot… wonderful stuff’

Fay Sampson, Guardian Children’s Book Award-Nominated Author

‘A born storyteller weaves island myths into a driving narrative of survival’

Ian Stephen, Saltire Award-Nominated Author

’A thrilling tale that twists and turns as you eagerly turn the pages. It breathes new life into the creatures of Orkney’s folklore for a new generation of readers.’

Tom Muir, Author of The Mermaid Bride and Orkney Folk Tales 

‘I loved The Bone Flute and devoured it in a single sitting. Urgent drama and ancient magic combine to make a wonderful story on the framework of an old, well-loved folk tale. Daniel Allison has the storyteller's gift of linking compelling narrative with lively, poetic prose. This is an exciting debut from a writer full of “as many tales as there are waves upon the sea”.’

Peter Snow, Author of A Rosslyn Treasury and The Shifty Lad

‘One of the best books I have ever read’

Suzanne Thomas, Storyteller

‘Unputdownable - this book kept me up at night! The tale truly transports you through time with captivating characters, evocative physical & cultural landscapes and many storyline twists and turns.’

Katie O’Neill, Youth Educator

Available 12th November 2019 - pre-orders coming soon!