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House of Legends is a weekly myths, legends, folklore and storytelling podcast. New episodes appear every Tuesday, featuring stories told by myself and leading storytellers from around the world.

None of the stories you hear on House of Legends are read from a script. My guests and I are old-style storytellers; we rely on memory and the magic of the moment to shape the tales as we speak.

Reviewers have unanimously praised House of Legends, calling it:



‘Storytelling at its best’

‘The best mythology podcast I’ve heard’

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What Is Storytelling? 

For as long as we have been human we have told stories. We told them while sitting around fires in caves and ancient temples; in longhouses, feasting halls and forests. Individual stories have weathered ice ages and the rise and fall of empires. They have travelled from South Africa to Siberia and from India to Ireland, shifting in form but retaining their essence.

In medieval Wales, kings feared the travelling poets whose curses could topple their kingdoms. In Viking-age Scandinavia, the storytelling skalds would travel from settlement to settlement, assured of hospitality wherever they went. Everyone, young and old, wanted to hear their stories; to partake, for a few long evenings, in the awesome mystery of their world, its gods and their strange and bloody adventures.

Nowadays, stories are everywhere; on the cinema screen, in newspapers and on social networks. Myths that once informed entire cultures are seen as entertainment for children. Yet gather any group of people together and tell them these ancient stories, eye to eye and heart to heart, and the centuries fall away. We are around the fire again, eyes shining with wonder, while nearby the lions are roaming, roaring, reminding us how lucky we are to be alive.

The stories I tell come from all over the world. Many are thousands of years old; a few are my own creations. A good number of them are Scottish highland folk-tales, Siberian legends and Celtic myths.

They all have one thing in common; they are stories that I love.

I look for stories with a certain kind of magic. Stories that make the eyes sparkle; that light a fire, illuminating dim, forgotten corners of memory and imagination. These stories remind us that the world is full of mystery and riches, and that to live in it is a wonderful, precious gift.

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